This section lists my various work and education experience.

Customer Service and Communication

  • 10+ years in customer service.
  • 7+ years in computer related customer service.
  • Research and presentation of various IT related topics to end-users and administration.


  • Extensive event-driven and object-oriented development experience.
  • Experience in Microsoft Visual Studios.
  • Platform independent development experience.
  • Multithreaded application development experience.
  • Networking/sockets development experience.

Leadership and Management

  • Supervise up to ten computer support assistants in a lab environment.
  • Prioritize computer repairs and services.
  • Assign tasks to people based on their strengths and abilities.
  • Organize and manage groups of people in performing computer repairs and maintenance.
  • Past Master Councilor (or President) of Highland Park Chapter, Order of DeMolay, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


  • Meet or exceeded degree requirements in linear algebra, calculus, and trigonometry.
  • Utilized linear algebra and trigonometry in computer graphics development.


  • Extensive experience in C/C++.
  • Extensive experience in Java.
  • Experience in MFC, Trolltech Qt, and Java Swing.
  • Experience in STL and OpenGL.
  • Some experience in PHP, MySQL, and CSS.
  • Some experience in SDL, Python, and MIPS assembly.


  • 7 years of professional hardware, software, and network troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Extensive experience in computer building, diagnosis and repair.
  • Extensive experience in various MS Windows, Linux, and BSD OS and software.
  • Extensive experience in Microsoft Active Directory domain administration.
  • Extensive use of Active Directory to administer users, computers, and domain resources.
  • Extensive experience in roaming profiles, batch scripting, group policies, and registry hacking.
  • Experience in building and maintaining various Linux and BSD servers.