This section contains my education background.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Oklahoma State University | Stillwater, OK | Graduated December, 2006 | GPA 3.3
  • Worked with a team to develop a web based student record system. Roles included programming the system and creating the SQL database, organizing and managing team meetings, documentation, and presenting of the prototype to the client.
  • Developed a MIPS virtual machine in MIPS assembly that executed MIPS hex code. Received extra credit for developing the fastest executing virtual machine.
  • Worked with a team to analyze an organization's existing inventory tracking system and design a more modern and efficient system. Roles included working directly with management of the organization, assisting in the development of the design documents, organizing and managing team meetings, and ensuring accuracy of the deliverables.

Associates of Science in Management Information Systems

Tulsa Community College | Tulsa, OK | Graduated May, 2002 | GPA 3.45
  • Developed a console based snake game in C.


  • Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management - March, 2007 - Score of 90%
  • End-User Support Specialist - Tulsa Technology Center - Spring 1999